An East Coast native with a California heart: singer-songwriter, Hayley Fahey has been writing songs since she was a girl. Now based in Los Angeles, her sound is infused with West Coast inspiration. What sets her apart in addition to her writing and her voice, are her live stage performances. She takes the audience on a journey, with her soulful vocals, pop-driven hooks, and her vivacious energy and enthusiasm. When Hayley is on stage, she’s home.

“Hayley Fahey is a rising star with a passionate and incendiary voice that delivers the songs and lyrics of a seasoned writer. Her voice is mature and polished, invoking memories of Ella Fitzgerald and a young Bonnie Raitt. She’s got it all; the presence, delivery, attitude and raw talent of an artist that’s rocketing her way from an opening act to a headliner on the national concert stage.” – Scott Shuman ~ Grammy Award winning producer.