“Hayley is the real deal and has both the singing and writing chops to back it.  I expect to hear a lot of wonderful things from her going forward and this release shows great promise.”

~ John Alagia
Multi-Grammy nominated producer
(John Mayer, Dave Matthews)

“Hayley Fahey is a rising star with a passionate and incendiary voice that delivers the songs of a seasoned writer. Her voice is mature and polished… The cd production is pristine and crystal clear, showcasing Fahey’s beautiful voice fronting a band of seasoned veterans. She’s got it all; the presence, delivery, attitude and raw talent of an artist that’s rocketing her way from an opening act to a headliner on the national concert stage.”

~ Scott Shuman
Grammy Award winning producer

“Hayley is a brilliant young talent coming up in our vibrant music community. Her music has one foot in the future of popular music while still an air and reverence for the music that has influenced her. From her thoughtful originals to fresh takes on classic tunes, Hayley is an artist to watch in the DC metro music scene.”

~ Daniel Schwartz
Production Manager & Talent Buyer
The Hamilton Live

“I just discovered Hayley’s music and love it!  Her amazing soulful voice, multiple octaves and world-class production complement her brilliant original songs. MusicPlanetRadio.com welcomes Hayley to the up and coming talented singer-songwriters in the DC area.”

~ Cerphe
Legendary DJ / MusicPlanetRadio.com

“The Hayley Fahey Band took the stage and proceeded to turn in a high energy, pop influenced set that featured Ms. Fahey’s excellently crafted tunes with her powerful and expressive voice. Having seen her perform recently in a more subdued acoustic setting, this listener was blown away by her tight, focused band.”

~Mark Caicedo
Parklife DC

“The Hayley Fahey Band is a winner.  They’re engaging to watch!  Their music is cleverly composed, interesting to listen to, and you can’t help but bob your head to it.  They’ll even get you dancing once they get goin!  Hayley’s voice is sweet and sassy, and John’s guitar solos are delicious!  I was lucky to have them as a part of the DC Music Rocks Festival and would definitely recommend them!”

~ Brian Nelson-Palmer
Concert promoter and radio host
DC Music Rocks Festival / FM Radio Show / Podcast

“Hayley Fahey, a young musician surely destined for greatness, is nothing short of a tour de force. Hayley’s music is inspired by country, blues, and folk music and originates from a place of personal authenticity and emotion. Through her melodies, lyrics, performances, and captivating smile, it is certainly easy to feel and channel that emotion.”

~ Patrick Andrews
Takoma Park Folk Festival

“Singer/songwriter Hayley Fahey sounds like an unstoppable force in her rawest form, and with producer John Trupp manning the machine, she no doubt will not be stopped!”

~ Scott Robinson
(Demi Lovato, Fall Out Boy, Sabrina Carpenter)

“Hayley Fahey’s soulful voice combined with her excellent songwriting and musicianship is a breath of fresh air. There’s a sense of honesty and sincerity that’s heard in her voice that will no doubt make her instantly recognizable in years to come.”

~ Bill Wright
Radio personality / WRNR / WKHS

“The vibrations of excitement exuberating from Hayley Fahey’s new CD Sweet Red, vicariously put the listener up close and personal in the recording studio with her. This feeling is only surpassed by actually attending one of Hayley’s concerts. Having presented her on numerous occasions and when I thought she couldn’t top her last stellar performance, she continues to amaze each and everyone in the audience. I see nothing but smiling faces, bopping heads and feet tapping feet, all in sync with the new and fresh grooves she creates.”

~ Daryl Davis
Renowned Concert Promoter and Musician Extraordinaire

“Hayley has a unique and easy going voice that was a perfect compliment for the Terpstock lineup. You can tell she puts a lot of heart and dedication into her songwriting, and she has a gift for taking the stage with a natural and confident presence.”

~ Jessie Xu
UMD Student Entertainment Events (SEE) – Terpstock Coordinator

“Not only is she a talented writer and music lover, she is a wonderful music artist. Her voice is very soulful and big. She definitely delivers that acoustic soul.”

~ Phinesse Demps
Baltimore Times

“The whole band was very talented. Hayley has a bright future ahead of her!”

~ Julie Malewski
Events Director / Town of Bethany Beach